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  1. Geek Culture

    Collectible figures or statues have been a relatively lucrative business for years. These are usually items that are made in limited quantities for a premium price, and they typically involve major geek culture heroes, such as Batman, Spider-Man, Dr. Who, Link from The Legend of Zelda and many, many others.

    But lately, it seems like these statues are getting more and more elaborate and pricey. Some of them are retailing for as much as $1,000, which easily prices them out of most people’s range. Who has that kind of money to drop on an item that will just sit on their shelf and look cool? Well, obviously the rich do, but they aren’t the ones that are usually targeted by companies making collectibles.

    But the hobby has changed considerably, with the majority of purchases in the comic book, video game and action figure markets being made by adults. These are people who got hooked as kids and are now sitting on disposable incomes. The hobby changed because it grew up with the fans, so those expensive statues you see are going to stay expensive because people are actually buying them.

    For the next generation of little fans, there are always action figures as a cheaper entry point, but the pricey statues aren’t likely to go anywhere until the demand does down for them. Until then, a lot of fans who don’t have much disposable income are going feel like much of their hobby is passing them by.