Are you a Manga comic fan? You might want to take a look at the articleNew Page

Are you a Manga comic fan? You might want to take a look at the article


• Manga are released in magazines, in which there are typically 10-20 different series in that one magazine

• Manga still has its own art style unique to itself. It mostly features elongated features and giant, sparkly eyes, though as of late a lot of manga has veered from this classic style into more daring territories.

• The comics create your own impression of the story like scenery, voices, etc

• You can follow the events at your own pace

• In the manga comics there is more space for imagination, the stories are more compact

• Mangas Sometimes deviates off the main storyline, short or previews only to future anime


• Speech bubbles can be vaguely placed, which makes it hard to know who is saying what

• Can create an obsession, addiction or anything to that sort where you even have the extreme otakus where they develop social problems and become less inclined to communicate with other people

• The manga can go on hiatus anytime.

• The creator has a deadline to meet and feels rushed, so the art might suffer from this.

• Manga has no color, only several color pages at most

• Sometimes one form to another character is almost similar, and often confusing.

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