How Synthetic Urine Can Be Used For Passing Drug Tests?

  Synthetic urine is an artificially manufactured substance meant for laboratory purposes. However, it is mostly used for passing drug tests. It looks exactly like the human urine. Its chemical composition is also similar. It consists of urea, uric acid, phosphates, creatinine, sulphates i.e. the same constituents which you can find in the human urine.Urine tests are a common way of testing the presence of illicit drugs and other medications. If you’re planning not to fail your drug tests for pre-employment screening, then you can simply follow these methods. However, it is advisable not to misuse it for other purposes.


  How to Use?

You can find a lot of kits either online or in a drug store. They are reliable and safe to use. As long as it is not a supervised lab test, you can easily beat it using synthetic urine. The kit comes in the form of a bottle. Hence, you can hide it and use it at the time of the test. However, if it is a supervised one, you can go for buying a urine belt. You can wear the belt keeping it hidden around your waist and use it at the time of need.Maintaining TemperatureThe precise temperature of human urine ranges from 94°F to 96°F. Therefore, the temperature of the fake pee should also vary between that to avoid suspicion. You can heat the bottle in the microwave for 10-15 minutes before going to the laboratory. Meanwhile, use your hands or keep the bottle close to your body to maintain the temperature before reaching the lab. Hence, these tricks can be helpful in passing the drug test.Click here for more info.